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Download a free E-Book version of 'The Guide to the Birds of the British Isles' (Click on the bird icon above).

You will need to have a copy of iBooks installed on your PC/Mac or tablet. The limited edition hand bound copy with a set of 4 prints is now sold out.

Also available is a 2 track sampler from 'The Avian Suite' album composed by ambient musician 'Millips' especially written to accompany the original multi media version  of the book and this is available at Soundcloud here.

Sold Out A Guide to the Birds of the British Isles 


A collection of quirky images and stories featuring our Avian friends. 


A Hand bound version is available with prints from my Etsy shop.46 pages, 13 images in colour and black & white some full spread, 8 previously unpublished stories and poems. Comes with 4 original hand printed 7x5 Giclee prints on Permajet Titanium Lustre paper from the Arcimboldi Studios diorama project of the same name. Printed on 100gsm acid free paper with a 250gsm cover, hand stitched with linen. Contained within a recycled cardboard box with handmade marbled paper insert. Printed in an edition of 30.

There will be a special multimedia edition in a limited number available later.




Iannis Aliferis, Nicholas Cobb, Adam Cole, Trevor Crone, Stephen Davison, ‘Millips’, Keith Mendenhall Robert Wainwright and Graeme Webb.


Iannis is an award winning writer and filmmaker who’s based in London, UK. If he’s not writing screenplays or making films, he writes short stories and comic books. He loves to eat and sleep. He’s a sucker for whiskey, dark chocolate and honey. Lastly, he is a firm believer than mankind was at its best during the thousands of years we were hunter gatherers but knows that, unfortunately, he wouldn't last two days alone in the wilderness.


Nicholas lives and works in Peckham, London. 

He divides his time between teaching, making model dioramas and photographing what he sees reflected in a mirror.


Adam is a professional worrier and hypochondriac, with a sideline in acting, writing and editing. He left the chilly climes of the UK and now resides in the cauldron that is tropical Australia. 


Trevor engages profoundly with the photographic image, especially when it exists in print form. Recently engaged with producing platinum and palladium prints. Ever since seeing Hitchcock’s film The Birds Trevor has developed a fear of them.


Millips is Known to create spacious, LoFi, sometimes hard to listen to pieces. He’d probably create a masterpiece, if only he could concentrate.


 Keith is many things. When he was a boy, he had a parakeet. And when he isn’t spending far too much time sitting in his garden listening to the birds and watching for the pretty red ones to pass by, he sometimes writes far too short and nearly entirely nonsensical introductions to books that are, or so he was told, about birds. 


Graeme plays around with models of miniature worlds, bookmaking and photographic practises. Much to the exclusion of everything else, he also likes birds.

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